Not The Best News

One week ago today, we got the results from our latest PET scan. The esophageal tumor was about the same as it was when I had my last endoscopy in May (which was smaller than it had been originally), but the cancer in the liver and lymph nodes had progressed. This was certainly not the

Chemo and Me – Round 1

My first round of chemotherapy really ended on June 22. The regimen was set up in three-week cycles. The first week is a big blast of cisplatin and epirubicin, with fluorouracil (5FU) administered via a battery-operated pump that I carried with me everywhere. I was generally in the infusion chair for about 5-6 hours on those days. On the other

It’s the C-Word

I’m referring to cancer, not any of the other C-words that you might be thinking about. I hate to claim it as my cancer because I want to get rid of it as soon as possible, but regardless of how I feel about it, it’s my companion for the time being. To put a finer point

Remembrance of Blogs Past

Sadly, mine fits into that category, since I haven’t made a post in nearly a year. A lot has happened since then. We have been homeowners for almost a year and we haven’t gone insane or bankrupt. The house is still standing and the yard is more or less in good shape. I’ve kept most

Land, ho!

30 days in the offering and closing, but almost two years in the talking and planning and dreaming! It sounds like it should be an epic movie, but it’s actually much simpler and paradoxically, more complicated than that. Robert and I bought a home. Our first home. We have a real, honest-to-goodness grown-up mortgage (our first

Ciao, Bianca!

All right. I didn’t need to buy a new car. I didn’t. But I bought one anyway and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results. I loved my little Fiat 500. Sophia was a fun city car that got me reliably back and forth to any destination I chose. I could park it anywhere. It was